Another discussion on food, but this time it’s sugary


I’ve been eating a ton for the past few years since I’m a growing boy, but now my body is starting to slow down and I’m getting kinda chubby. That doesn’t stop me from eating unhealthy, though. Even if I were to become super fat and throw up my back because my legs can no longer support my weight, I know an amazing reno chiropractor who would be able to help me heal my body and restore my youth. The next topic on the list is food, and there’s a lot to say about it. Generally I’m not picky, but there’s a few things that I’d rather not eat. For example, beets and quiche.

My sister Naomi hates a lot of foods, and she won’t even try a lot of them out. I’ll try any food, and I’ve been curious to try cow tongue or liver. My dad always tells me how gross liver is, so I probably won’t like it. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t really have very much of a sweet tooth. I’ll eat candy sometimes and I do love some types of cakes, but I wouldn’t eat them every day if given the chance. I also hate whipped cream. It has no substance, and there’s no point in eating it. The few sugary things that I’ll eat are fruit snacks and some candy bars. I don’t eat butterfingers because I used to eat those a ton and now I hate their taste.

Honestly, I really prefer pastries and baked goods. Carrot cake is by far my favorite type of cake, and apple pie is my favorite kind of pie. I like pumpkin pie too, but I don’t really care for pie very much because the filling is almost pure mush. That’s why I don’t like pudding, because it’s just mush instead of food. Maybe if I was a mental patient and didn’t understand what pudding was, then I would eat it. Pound cakes are really great too. Out of all the candy bars I could eat, Snickers Peanut Butter Squared is definitely my favorite. I usually tend to stay away from chocolate and peanut butter candy because it’s so rich, but those are amazing.