Review of 3 Great Italian Restaurants in Seattle, WA

Seattle WA Restaurant Photo

Seattle WA Restaurant ItalianDue’ Cucina Italiana is located in the Capitol Hill district in Seattle, Washington.  Owners, Filippo Fiori and Davide Macchi grew up in small Tuscan town and became friends while riding the bus to their high school.  After high school, they went their separate ways attending different universities.  After their freshman year, they waited tables in London and fell in love with the restaurant industry.

Fiori eventually did his graduate studies in Canada and China.  While in China, he completed his Ph.D in technology and nuclear science and met his future wife who was born in Malaysia.  To make money he taught cooking classes and appeared on cooking shows on TV.  Macchi attended the University of California at Berkley.  After graduating he traveled the world working in the tech sector.

They finally met up at in Cambridge where Fiori was diagnosed with cancer and his father developed a gluten intolerance.  He had always loved eating pasta, so the two boys got together and created healthier pastas.  They eventually decided to open Due’Cucina in 2016.

The restaurants success is their commitment to amazing food.  Their customers can order one of their ten sauces and add their favorite pasta.  The pasta is made daily and included not only classic pasta but pasta that is gluten-free or made without eggs or made with eggs.  They get 4.5 stars on the internet with over 800 reviews.

Ethan Stowell is CEO & Founder of Tavolata which is located in the Belltown district of Seattle, Washington.  He was born in Germany but grew up in Seattle.  He is a self-taught chef who has was recognized in 2008 as one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs in America.Seattle Washington Restaurant

An entrepreneur to the core, he has built an empire of restaurants all over the United States including Tavolata.  His motto is to” keep is simple and know that we are all working to make our guests happy.”

He may have dreamed of becoming a baseball player but has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams as a restaurateur.  He has well over seven hundred positive posts on the world wide web with a strong four-point-four-star rating.

Located in the Eastlake area of Seattle, Washington is Pomodoro Spanish-Italian Restaurant.  Founder and chef Antolin Blanco started as a cook in the Spanish Army where he had the honor of cooking for Spanish and French Minister of Defense and the King of Spain.  Once out of the army, he continued to cook all over in Great Britain and Spain mainly is Italian and French restaurants.  He immigrated to America in 1978 where he started working on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line that traveled all over South and Central America.

Seattle WA Restaurant ImagePomodoro Spanish-Italian Restaurant became his passion.  He loved to take old classic dishes and give them a twist.  His creativity will sometimes see him combine Asian flavor with Mediterranean dishes.  His dishes are not necessarily bold but have layers of depth.

Chef Antolin is proud of his 205 Chef’s Choice of the Year Award.  Pomodoro Spanish-Italian Restaurant may have only 123 evaluations on the web, but he does get a strong 4-star rating.