The Best Three Restaurants in Vegas

Vegas Restaurant Reviews

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I have only been to Las Vegas once or twice, so I have to be deliberate about which restaurants I visit. Yesterday marked my return from my last trip, and it is absolutely safe to say that I was not disappointed with the selection. Because Vegas is a huge tourist city, I thought I would make this list of reviews to help guide anyone new to the city.

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First up, there’s Bacio Italian Cuisine. This restaurant is located just off of the Vegas Strip, only a block away from the Excalibur in Vegas. If you’re staying at the Excalibur, it’s a great place to stay since it’s both a casino and a hotel. I actually stayed there with my parents as a kid, and we watched one of the live medieval shows. I have been to Bacio Italian Cuisine twice, and so far my favorite dishes are the shrimp risotto and the eggs benedict.

I have seen some other people order it with cholula on top, but I don’t have a super high tolerance for spice so I won’t ever do that. However, if that’s your thing, then I would highly encourage you to do so. The people who ordered it seemed to have enjoyed it. Bacio Italian Cuisine has a great selection, and I have never been disappointed with the variety. Even if you’re not really into Italian food, I guarantee that you will be able to find something. Most people just think of pasta, breadsticks, and Olive Garden when it comes to Italian food.

This is definitely not true here. The food isn’t just wide in variety, though. There isn’t a single dish at tastes bad. From what I have ordered, at least. I couldn’t find any bad reviews online while waiting for my food, so that’s already a good sign right there. Although, I didn’t have very much time to read the reviews.  The service here is just as good as the food, and I didn’t have to wait very long for my meal either time.

I’m not sure what it is exactly about the ingredients that the chefs at Bacio Italian Cuisine use, but there’s just this fresh taste that comes with all of the food. I don’t doubt that all of the ingredients are fresh and don’t come out of cans, but there’s something else about this place. Maybe the chefs just absolutely love what they do, and so they put legitimate thought and care into the meals they are preparing. After all, it doesn’t really take much be lazy and prepare the bare minimum quality of food.

Even though I have only eaten at Bacio Italian Cuisine twice, another thing that I have noticed is how clean the interior of the Las Vegas restaurant is. Sanitation should be the most important thing in to a Las Vegas restaurant owner, aside from the food and service and things like that. Health code violations can shut down a restaurant faster than bad service can, and a good hood cleaning service is a precious commodity in Las Vegas.

If you don’t clean your kitchen’s exhaust hood, there is a higher chance of grease fires and similar dangers. Fortunately for Bacio Italian Cuisine, there is a great restaurant hood cleaner right in town. They even have other services, like commercial kitchen cleaning. I mean, if you’re already getting the hood cleaned, you might as well get the rest of the kitchen cleaned while you’re at it.

They have an about page as well, if you’re curious to learn more about the business. After all, who isn’t? Regardless, each one of the friends I have brought with me to Bacio Italian Cuisine has had positive things to say about it. You can take my word for it, or you can scour the many amazing online reviews if you want.

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Next, I’ll talk about Momofuku Las Vegas. There’s no way you could forget which city this is in, when you’re describing how great it is to your friends. Or the people reading your online article. This restaurant is located just a few buildings away from Marriott’s Grand Chateau in Las Vegas. Again, there is a big selection on the menu here. You don’t have to love Asian food to eat at Momofuku Las Vegas, because I guarantee you that there will be something for everyone on this menu as well.

You don’t even have to like Asian food. Just try to come in with an open mind. Speaking of open, Momofuku Las Vegas has a very roomy interior. When you’re staying in a tourist trap that’s as packed as Las Vegas, eating at spacious restaurant is a welcome treat. Only one thing could have mad my stay better, and that’s having a bigger stomach.

I’m not talking about the outside of it, because that’s already big enough. But I had such a tough time figuring out what exactly to order, with so many great choices on the menu. Last time I ate at Momofuku Las Vegas, I ordered the chilled spicy noodles. They were the most suggested item I could find in all of the great online reviews, so this was a no-brainer.

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You better make your reservations far in advance, because I only got a table here as a fluke. Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas is always packed, and that only serves as a testament to how great it is. You’ll be eating on the Las Vegas Strip, so expect to battle large crowds outside just to get inside. The wait staff is all very professional, both in the way that they look and dress. There’s a real feeling of sophistication and class, which makes sense when the name of the restaurant’s creator is synonymous with quality.

Overall I can’t find anything wrong with this Las Vegas restaurant. A lot of high-end restaurants in Vegas are snooty and condescending, but I will always love a place that can be classy and down to earth at the same time. Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas’s waiters really earn their tips, and I personally can’t get enough of the service. You’ll find no shortage of positive reviews here, either.