The kinds of books that are enjoyable to read


That title seems really weird and doesn’t flow well. Maybe I’ll change it. I probably won’t, but at least it makes the article just a little bit longer. I’m a fast reader and I’m really good with English, but I don’t really like to read books. I think I’ve stated this in a different articles, but it just seems like a waste of time to me. If I want to know how it ends, then I can just look up what happens at the end. Either way I still figure out what the end of the story is, but only one of those options will waste my time. I’m probably the most impatient out of all my friends. The most patient one out of all of us lives in Sacramento now, pretty far away. He needs all the patience he can get, if he’s going to run a successful sacramento hood cleaning business.

I used to read a decent amount when I was younger, but that was because the books I read were movie novels and so they had pictures from the movie in the middle of the novel. It was definitely more fun to watch the movie than read about it. I enjoyed the story of Stephen King’s “It”, but there’s no way I’m going to read over 1000 pages just to see what happens at the end. If I had to pick my favorite genre of books, it would just be nonfiction historical accounts of things. Autobiographies would be kinda cool if they had an interesting like, but learning about a heist from someone’s experience as a security guard would be super interesting.

It’s just cool to see the things that are possible and have happened in the real world. I’m not some history nut who would just read and read about history to learn about it. The story still has to hold my attention, and I have a short attention span. Honestly, it really just depends on the story. I prefer nonfiction, but if the story is really that amazing or realistic, I’ll still watch it. It’s just a preference. Tom Clancy books are great because of their realism, I just don’t want to invest all that time into one story.